国际学生居留许可及签证管理办法(试行)Administrative Measures for Residence Permit and Visa for International Students (Trial)



These measures are formulated in accordance with theExit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic ofChina, the Administrative Measures for Recruiting and CultivatingInternational Students in Schools (Decree No.42 of the Ministry ofEducation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of PublicSecurity), and the Administrative Measures for Recruiting andCultivating International Students in Zhongnan University ofEconomics and Law, in combination with the actual situation of theuniversity, in order to further establish and improve ouruniversity's international student work system and standardize themanagement of residence permits and visas for international studentsin our university.

第一条 居留许可管理


1. Anyone who comes to our university to study for morethan half a year should apply for X1 visa before coming to China.Anyone who studies for less than one semester (including onesemester) should apply for X2 visa.


2. All international students staying outside theuniversity must go to the local police station within 24 hours toapply for the "Off-campus Temporary Residence Certificate".


3. International students holding X1 visa must apply fora "Residence Permit for Foreigners" within 30 days from thedate of entry. Students holding X2 visa can stay in China within thetime limit indicated in the visa without a residence permit.


4. Within the stipulated registration time, theinternational student visa supervisor of the International EducationSchool organizes the freshmen to apply for residence permits.


5. Students who arrive at the university after theprescribed registration time shall apply for residence permit at theExit and Entry Administration Department of Wuhan Public SecurityBureau by themselves with the following documents:


(1) Students go to the Visa Administration Office of theInternational Education School to apply for a visa using the visaapplication integrated machine to generate an “Application Form forForeigner Visa Document”.


(2) The applicant's valid passport (must be an ordinarypassport) and a photocopy of the visa;


(3) Registration Form of Temporary Residence (Studentswho lodge outside the university must present “Registration Formfor International Students Living off Campus in Wuhan” which isstamped by the local police station);


(4) “Official Letter” with the official seal of theInternational Education School of Zhongnan University of Economicsand Law;


(5) Admission Notice of Zhongnan University of Economicsand Law;


(6) Original Visa Application for Study in China, YellowPage (Form JW201 and JW202 for short);


(7) If the applicant is over the age of 18 and appliesfor a residence permit for the first time, he/she shall provide aHealth Certificate issued by the International Travel Health CareCenter of Hubei Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau;


(8) Qualification Interview for Residence Permit;


(9) Two 2-inch bareheaded photos.


All forms must be filled in with pen or signature pen(blue or black ink).


6. International students must leave the countryaccording to laws and regulations before the residence permitexpires, and students who continue to study must go through relevantextension procedures before the expiration.


7. If the content of the residence permit is changed,the holder must go through the change formalities at the Exit andEntry Administration Department of Wuhan Public Security Bureauwithin 10 days, otherwise, the public security organ will punishhim/her in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.


8. For the transfer of residence permit, the holder mustgo through the transfer formalities at the exit and entryadministration department of the public security bureau in the placewhere he moved out or into within 10 days.

第二条 签证管理


1. International students who leave the country withinthe validity period of their residence permits (including to HongKong and Macau) are not required to apply for a multiple-entry visa,but they must register with the International Student Visa Supervisorof the International Education School in advance.


2. For international students holding X2 visa, thenumber of times they enter China shall be subject to the number oftimes they enter China specified on the visa. The InternationalEducation School shall not change the number of times they enterChina.


3. International students holding X2 visa must gothrough relevant formalities at the International Student VisaSupervisor Office of the International Education School beforeleaving the country (including to Hong Kong and Macao).


4. When an international student transfers to anothercity for study, he/she must go through the relevant formalities atthe International Student Visa Supervisor Office of the InternationalEducation School. The supervisor shall issue a “TransferCertificate”. Upon arrival at the place of entry, the applicantshall apply for a new residence permit within 10 days (and within thevalidity period of the residence permit) at the exit and entryadministration department of the public security bureau at the placeof entry or at its branch offices;


5. The time taken by the Exit and Entry AdministrationDepartment of Wuhan Public Security Bureau to handle the formalitiesof extension, change, re-entry visa and transfer is generally 15working days, which can be handled urgently in special circumstances.


6. The visas and certificates of international studentsof all kinds shall not be altered, damaged or forged. Violators willbe punished by the public security organs according to laws andregulations. Passports and residence permits should be properly kept,and any loss must be immediately reported to the InternationalStudent Visa Supervisor Office of the International Education School.International students shall report the loss at the local policestation with the “Certificate” issued by the university, thenreplace the "Loss Certificate" with the "Certificate"issued by the local police station at the Exit and EntryAdministration Department of Wuhan Public Security Bureau, and thengo to the embassy (consulate) in China to apply for a new passport.Finally, with the new passport and the "Certificate" issuedby the International Student Affairs Office, they shall go to theExit and Entry Administration Department of Wuhan Public SecurityBureau to apply for a new residence permit.


7. International students should regularly check thevalidity of their visas or residence permits to avoid overstaying.International students whose visas or residence permits have expiredwill be educated by the Exit and Entry Administration Department ofWuhan Public Security Bureau. Generally, a fine of RMB 500 will beimposed for one day after the expiration of their visas or residencepermits, and the maximum fine will be RMB 10,000.

第三条 家属签证管理


1. If the family members of international students needto come to China, they shall be invited by the international studentsthemselves. The International Education School may issue a"Certificate of Studying" as appropriate according to thestudents' academic performance and daily performance. With thecertificate, international students may apply to Chinese embassies(consulates) abroad for their families' S visa to accompany them inChina.


2. In principle, the International Education School doesnot apply for residence permits and visa extensions for students'families, but only assists in the registration of temporaryaccommodation. The number of days that a family member may stay inChina shall be subject to the time limit for his/her S visa, andhe/she shall leave the university and leave the country in accordancewith the relevant regulations before the prescribed time limit, so asto avoid overstaying.


3. After the family members of the internationalstudents come to the university, the international students shallsubmit a "Guarantee Letter" to the International EducationSchool, promising to be responsible for the safety of the familymembers, abide by the laws and regulations of our country, obey therelevant administrative regulations of the Exit and EntryAdministration Department of Wuhan Public Security Bureau and ouruniversity, and ensure that they leave the university and leave thecountry before the stay period stipulated in the visa.


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