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Notice on Self-funded Extension of Spring Semester of 2021


        International Students who cannot graduate on time and want to apply for self-funded extension, please apply as follows beforeDecember 30th:


         1\ Download the application form attached and fill in carefully. The form comprises of opinions from your supervisors and major schools. The applicant need to ask your supervisors to write their opinions and get a stamp from major school.(Regards to current situation, supervisors opinion and signature in the form is allowed to be filled in by electronic signature and the stamp can be electronic stamp).


         2\Submit Application Form filled as instructed as PDF version (name the PDF with your name) to educationoffice@zuel.edu.cn before deadline.


         3\Deadline for application: December 30th, 2020. If the application form for extension is not submitted before the deadline or the application materials do not meet the requirements, the application will be deemed to be invalid, and any problems arising shall be borne by the applicant.


         4\Please pay close attention to the notice on the result of application.

         自费延期申请表 Extension Form for Self-funded Students.doc

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