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Summer vacation notice and safety tips


Dear international students, summer vacation is coming. The time is from July 18th to August 29th. At present, it is still in the epidemic prevention and control stage. The notices for the summer vacation are as follows:


1/Abide by Chinese laws and regulations, school discipline and regulations, abide by relevant regulations for epidemic prevention. Pay attention to personal protection, and take good protective measures.


2/Students staying in school should conscientiously implement daily health monitoring and truthfully report daily health conditions. Students living off campus should abide by local community management.


3/Our school continues to implement closed management. Insist on the principle of “not necessary, not to go out”. If it is indeed necessary to leave school, you must apply to the IES duty teacher for an exit pass.Please pay attention to safety when going out, wear a mask, and keep your belongings. In principle, you are not allowed to leave Wuhan during the summer vacation.


4/For students staying in school, lock the doors and windows of your dormitory when going out, and keep your valuables. Pay attention to the safety of electricityin the dormitory, cut off the power in time when leaving. Don’t mess with wires, don’t use high-power electrical appliances, don’t use inferior chargers, don’t cook and use candles in the dormitory. Take precautions against fire.


5/Students staying in school should strictly follow the entrance and exit time of the dormitory, don’t make noise in the dormitory to affect others.


6/Try not to cross the door between the dormitory, students outside the school should try to avoid unnecessary inter-city mobility.


7/Off-campus students are not allowed to stay in dormitory overnight.


8/Raise anti-fraud awareness and don’t believe in fraudulent information such as online winnings and Taobao billing.


9/If you encounter an accident, please contact the counselor in time; if you find an emergency or suspicious person, please contact the public security agency or school security department in time. Alarm phone: the police, fire and traffic accidents110, ZUEL security department027-88386110, ZUEL hospital emergency telephone027-88386122.


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