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Notice on Safe Use of Electric bicycles and Motorcycles in School


Recently, the traffic police brigade of Donghu High-tech Zone in Wuhan City came to our international student to carry out traffic regulation and law enforcement. They thoroughly inspected on unlicensed electric bikes, over-standard electric bikes, motorcycles and other illegal bikes.Hence somebikes have been dealt with in accordance with the laws and regulations.And again, we must inform you about the regulations of ZUEL on the management of electric bikes and motorcycles as follows:


1. International students are prohibited from driving motorcycles on campus.


2. International students only can use electric bicycles that meet the requirements of Chinese law, and you must apply for a license and number plate for your electric bike before you can drive it on the road.


3. International students must must not ride at speeds exceeding 15 km/h on campus.


Although the traffic police have dealt with the illegal bicycles around the International Student Dormitory, there are still many students who own motorcycles, non-standard, unlicensed electric bikes. Students with illegal bikes are requested to dispose of the bicycles within two weeks (before May 20th). At that time, Wuhan Traffic Police and School Security Department will organize another inspection of students' riding of electric bikes and motorcycles in the school. The illegal bikes will be confiscated directly. Please inform your peers and spread awareness. All international students are obliged to abide by the school regulations, drive in accordance, and ensure the safety of yourselves and others' driving.





1办理地点:东湖高新交通大队三中队 (流芳康魅路77号)。需将电动车骑过去,地址在康魅路流芳消防中队站与东园西路佛祖岭站之间,人和驾校对面。有点远,从中南财经政法大学出发来回大概是20公里左右,电动车一定要充满电再出发。

2材料准备:二张电动车照片, 电动车机打发票(买家提供),电动车合格证(买家提供),护照、学生证,记得提前复印身份证和发票(那里复印店不好找)。



 Electric bicycle licensing method

Location: Third Squadron of Donghu High-tech Transportation Brigade (77 Liufang Kangmei Road). It is necessary to ride your electric bicycle to that address. It's a little far away. It is about 20 kilometers back and forth from ZUEL. You must make sure your bike has enough power for the round trip.

2 Material preparation: two photos of your electric bicycle, invoice of the electric bicycle (Provided by the merchant), qualification certificate of the electric bicycle (Provided by the merchant), your passport and Student certificate, remember to photocopy your passport and invoice in advance (it’s hard to find a printing shop there.)

 3 Fill in Form: Fill in the application form and hand the form on the left to the traffic policeman. They check and sort out the information, then ask you to park the bike at the door. They will take a picture. Then you could go home, and come back seven days later to get the license (Pay RMB20 when you takes the license).

English service is limited throughout the whole journey. It is suggested that you ask someone who is good at Chinese go together with you.


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