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Safety notice for The New year's Day Holiday



The New Year’s Day is coming. The shopping malls, pubs, restaurants will be full of crowded people due to attractive promotions and activities. The followings are SAFETY TIPS to all the international students

住宿安全/Accommodation Safety


Do not use low-quality electrical appliances and the use of high-power electrical appliances in dormitories is strictly prohibited. Remember that the use of extension cables to transfer electricity from public areas to your rooms is also strictly prohibited in the campus dormitory.


When you leave the room, you should turn off air conditioner, shower water heater, TV set and other electric appliances.


International students living out of campus should be careful when you use gas cooker and electric appliances.

交通安全/Transportation Safety


Be aware of the traffic safety. If you plan to travel outside, it’s strongly recommended that you take public transportation. Do not take vehicles such as motorcycle or electric bicycle as they are very dangerous. International students who want to drive motor vehicles (including cars and motorcycles) in China must have Chinese driving license, vehicle license and license plate. You can refer to relevant regulations of Traffic Management Bureau of the Public Security Ministry. Besides, international students should obtain license plate issued by local public security organ before riding two-wheeled electric vehicle.

人身安全/Personal Safety


Take care of your personal security. When you travel outside, make sure avoid walking alone, especially at night. Always keep away from remote regions and places to ensure your safety. Don’t trust strangers too easily. If someone comes to talk to you in the street by the name of introducing jobs or language study, stay away from them. Take good care of your individual belongings and property. Do not take strangers back to your dormitory. Whenever you notice any suspicious activity or crime, report it to the security staff.


If you receive a phone call from strangers or text message telling you that you’ve won a lottery or asking you to wire transfer money to a specific account, be super careful, this is voice phishing or phone fraud. Don’t trust it, just leave it alone!

财产安全/Property Safety


Be careful of your property. Always lock your room, even if you are leaving for a short time, and never leave valuables on a desk, dresser, or bed. If you must carry a purse, don’t place a large amount of cash, cell phone or your keys inside.

遵章守纪/Laws and Regulations


International students must observe Chinese laws and regulations as well as HUBU rules. International students are banned from participating illegal activities, endangering national security of china, public interest and disturbing public order. International students are not allowed to engage in alcohol, fights, gambling, drug abuse, dissemination, reproduction, trafficking in illegal books and audiovisual products and other violations of public security management regulations; they are not allowed to participate in illegal pyramid schemes, engage in activity impacting the image of college students.

2、在华期间,遵守中国的法律、法规,不从事任何危害中国社会秩序的、与本人来华身份不符合的活动, 校内不进行传教、宗教聚会等任何宗教活动。

During the stay in China, international students should abide by the laws and decrees of the Chinese government, and can not participate in any activity in China which is deemed to be adverse to the social order of China and is inappropriate to the capacity as a student. International students can not attend or hold any mission or religious activities on campus.

放假时间/Vacation time


Starting date of vacation30th December,2018


End of vacation1st January2019


At last, enjoy your vacation!




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